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Welcome to the Walking Greg!

Hello Deadheads! Welcome to the Walking Greg, the most reliable source of the dead in the Zombie Apocalypse! My name is Greg Giaconelli and I intend to create page that talks about everything related to the insane and dark world of The Walking Dead. From the popular AMC hit show The Walking Dead and the spin off show Fear The Walking Dead, to the comic book series by Image to even the Telltales Video Game series. I will be your content provider where I will write some thought provoking articles, drop in some questionable polls to vote and even give you some bloody filled video recaps and predictions.

My partner in crime, Travis Stockman will be on hands to create some scary, spine tingling spectacular visuals on our amazing site. Who knows! Maybe he’ll make some zombies pop out or someone will reanimate before your eyes!?!?

We are both humongous fans of the shows and we want to cater to every fan of whatever medium the Walking Dead crawls towards. So if you are a big fan of the shows and want us to recap any scary or shocking episode, we are here for you. We also will provide some predictions for both halves of the main series and believe me, there will be blood (not just walker blood)!?!? The comic readers will also have some to chew on with some history behind our survivors and favorite characters to anticipate on the show (even a issue or volume recap). Our March to War will be our rendition of show vs. comic. This is where you guessed it, our comparison of who did it better or how faithful and well done a particular moment was handled will have our fans talking. The game will also be done justice with our coverage because it definitely deserves to be mentioned as well. If you haven’t played it yet, play it NOW! Also, keep an eye out for casting and convention announcements because you never know what goes down in the Zombie Apocalypse



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